Bossmatic Champion Status Inc. 
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Bossmatic is the brand that is not bland!

Starting from a fragrance that is now the “Big Boss” of the industry! With a scent that is so ”Sexy Fresh” it has ultimately turned into a full blown brand with accessories as well as apparel and footwear. Our cologne is "all natural" no "chemicals" to provide that long lasting and safe scent!

Bossmatic has recently inherited the “Champion Status” slogan by being developed, endorsed and supported by individuals who have that “Champion Status” personality. From athletes, students, hardworking individuals to everyday people from all walks of life that have the attitude of “winning no matter what,” have embraced the "Bossmatic Champion Status" brand. 

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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
A newly unique blend of natural ingredients to create a fresh scent energized by crisp citrus with herbal notes to create the freshest all natural cologne. 
​3.4 oz Bottle 
Phone: 888-BOSSMATIC